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Prolife Corner - Spiritually Adopt a Child

Prolife Corner | Spiritually Adopt A Child

According to World Health Organization (WHO) over 20,000 babies are killed by abortion every day. They have so little protection only the hand of God can end this massacre.  Prayer is the best weapon to help them - the most effective.

Say this prayer every day for nine months to save a baby’s life!

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you very much.
I beg you to spare the life of the unborn baby (insert name*)
that I have spiritually adopted who is in danger of abortion.
                  -  Prayer of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen  

  “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.”    (Jeremiah 1:5)

Adoptive Baby's Name: ___________________________

Spiritual Adoption Date: ___________________________

Please pray! The babies are counting on us.

Remember to pray daily for your spiritual adopted baby and the baby's parents.  During your earthly life this spiritually adopted child of yours is known only to God, but in the world to come it is hoped that you will meet the child whose life was spared by your prayers and spend eternal happiness with them.  This prayer will make a difference between life and death for a special child.

First Month of Development

 Your spiritually adopted baby has been quite active during this first month of growing.  Already your baby is 10,000 times bigger than at conception.  Your baby has developed the foundations of the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system by the 20th day.  Baby’s heart began to beat 18-21 days after conception.  The heart is pumping blood through their won circulatory system and blood type can be different from the mother’s.  Your baby is just 1/4 of an inch long. 

Second Month of Development

Your baby is growing very quickly.  He/She is now 1 & 1/4 inches long and weighs 1/30 of an ounce.  All internal organs; including heart, stomach, liver, and kidneys are present and beginning to work.  Brain waves have been recorded at 40 days.  Your baby’s fingerprints are formed and will never change except for size.  

Third Month of Development

Your spiritually adopted baby is quite active.  Even though her mother cannot feel her yet, your baby kicks and flips herself around her secure, watery world. Her eyes have closed so that her delicate eyeballs can finish developing.  Her cartilage skeleton begins to change over to real bone.  Your baby sucks her thumb, hiccups when she swallows the amniotic fluid, and can close her fingers around an object placed in her hand.  Your baby’s face is very expressive; she will squint, frown and smile!  Your baby is now 3 inches long and can hear outside noises.  Her favorite sound is her mother’s voice!

Fourth Month of Development

Your spiritually adopted baby’s mother can finally feel the movements of her baby within the womb.  By the time this fourth month is over your baby will be 6 inches long.  His tiny heart has been beating since he was 21 days old.  Now this strong little heart pumps 6 gallons of blood every day (picture 6 milk cartons-your baby’s heart is a pumping miracle!). Your baby is becoming stronger and he likes to turn somersaults.  Your baby has lots of nice skin but not much fat to full it our so he looks a little wrinkly.  His skin is covered with vernix, a thick white cream which protects his skin from the salty amniotic fluid.  Your baby’s face is beginning to resemble his parents. 

Fifth Month Development
Your baby weighs over one pound now. Her mother regularly feels little feet and elbows poking her.  It seems when her mother is quiet and still that your little baby likes to stir things up!  Your baby is developing her own sleeping habits as well as her fingernails and toenails.  If she were to be born now, your baby would have a chance of surviving with lots of medical help.  We are mid-way through the pregnancy now.  Your prayers have helped your baby’s mother continue with her pregnancy and seek the help she needs.  


Sixth Month of Development
Your baby has fine hair growing on his head and eyebrows.  He has a delicate fringe of eyelashes.  Your baby is now 12 inches long and weighs about 1 1/2 pounds.  His skeleton has completed the change from cartilage to bone.  If your baby were to be born now, he would have a very good chance at surviving. 

Seventh Month Development

Your baby is now about 3 pounds-this added weight makes her skin look smoother.  Her eyelids can now open and close, her eyes look around and respond to light.  She has a powerful grip now– strong enough to support her body weight with one hand.  

Eight Month of Development

Your spiritually adopted baby is increasing in size and strength.  Because of his larger size he is not able to move as freely about in his mother’s womb.  He is receiving from his mother precious immunities to a number of diseases that will last until he is about six months old and able to begin building up his own immunities.  His mother is patiently waiting for the last weeks of pregnancy to pass.  She depends on your prayerful support.  

Spiritual Adoption

Congratulations!  Your spiritually adopted baby is born this month.  She is around 7 1/2 pounds and 20 inches long.  Her birth was not the beginning of her life though.  Her life began nine months ago when each parent contributed the genetic materials to form this unique human being: including the instructions for her hair and eye color, facial features, health, talents, intelligence and personality.  At that miraculous moment she also received her soul from God making her an immortal being: God’s plan for her is to live her life on earth then join Him in her heavenly home forever.  Never before in history, nor ever again, will anyone exist who is just like your spiritually adopted baby.  Your prayers have been invaluable for this baby and her mother.  You will surely meet each other in heaven!


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