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School of Prayer 2024

School of Prayer

Jesus desires us to be close to Him through an active prayer life. And he promises to bring peace to our souls when we are in intimate communion with Him. But sometimes it's hard to know how or what to pray! 

Join us for a 4-week School of Prayer session, where we will learn ways to pray and tips for building a daily prayer life. Hear from our priests and others about how they pray, then put it into practice during each session. Sessions will also feature small groups, where we can share about that prayer experience.

Meetings are Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 PM, from May 15 through June 5. Join us in Sirba Hall at Maternity of Mary. A light dinner and childcare will be provided.


Q & A

“I don’t like sharing groups, can I come anyway?”

Yes, nobody will be forced to be part of a group and if you join a group, you can simply listen. Since the groups are at the end, it won’t be different.

“I cannot come every week, is it a problem?”

Even if it is better to follow the four evenings, you will not be lost if you miss one or two evenings and benefit from each session individually. The teachings will also be available online, so you will only miss the dinner and the practical exercise.

“What do we learn?”

After a quick introduction to personal prayer (general rules, how to start, how to finish, a few tips), we will help you to discover or rediscover different methods (lectio divina, Ignatian method and “prayer of the heart”). Every evening, we will have a prayer time when we can experiment with the method presented. Eventually, we will share with you a way to build a habit of daily prayer that can help you to listen to God.

“What about my children?”

I think that any child (above 10 years old) who wants to, can benefit from the program. There will be day care for the other children.

“Can I invite someone?”

Yes, you should actually invite all your friends, even if they are not catholic. Praying with the Bible is something we share with all denominations.