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Bible Study and Discipleship Groups

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Why form a Small Group?

Small Groups provide the place where our big wonderful community becomes a small wonderful community. It's a place to be known and loved.

Life is better connected. Jesus Christ is the center of the Small Group. This reality finds its source in and leads us back into Sunday Mass. The Small Group provides an opportunity to walk with others as we intentionally follow Jesus in every aspect of our life.  

There are four essential parts to Small Groups @ Maternity of Mary:

Prayer    Caring for One Another   Sharing Faith   Living out Discipleship

Intentional relationships formed in a Small Group are key to sustained spiritual growth. That's why Small Groups are such an important part of growing discipleship!

In Small Groups members discuss what God's Word says on a topic, and approach it through the issues and challenges of their daily lives. People are challenged to become authentic and accountable about what's really going on in their lives in a safe and supportive place. Members pray for one another, care for one another, and develop friendships with other growing disciples.

What is a Small Group?
Small Groups are made up of 5-10 people, who meet to discuss their journey, go deeper in the Catholic Faith, and support one another in their relationship with Christ. While prayer is an important part of our Small Group environments, they are not Prayer Groups. Small Groups can be Study Groups as long as long as the four essentials are happening. Small Groups are the place you connect with other growing disciples in a more personal environment.

What happens in a Small Group?
Groups preferably meet in members’ homes and usually begin with casual conversation, then prayer. Maternity of Mary provides materials. Group members discuss and apply God’s Word to their own lives. Meetings end with group prayer.

Are Small Groups just discussion groups?
Our Small Groups are more than just discussion groups. They are environments for growing discipleship in authentic and caring ways. Small Groups strive to be the place for Church members to find support, encouragement and care. Great friendships have developed out of our Small Groups. Group members face the challenges of life together, have fun together, share a meal, or reach out in service projects.

How do Small Groups get started?
There are several ways our Small Groups form. Individuals who sign up at Mass (see Youth Events Table), special events or on our website throughout the year search for groups through our Group Finder (to be set up soon). In addition, we will have Small Group Starter Events during the year where we form new groups. People also have the chance to switch groups at these events.

How long do Small Groups meet?
It's up to each group, but the standard meeting time is 90 minutes. Small Groups are encouraged to meet weekly or at least bi-weekly throughout the year.

How long is my commitment to a small group?
We encourage everyone at Maternity of Mary to be in a Small Group, though we understand that there are times, and even seasons of life, when this will be difficult. There is no hard and fast lifecycle for our groups although we encourage our Small Groups to grow together over the course of 18 to 24 months. 

What kind of group can I join?
Depending on the age group we have different types of groups:
Men Only |  Women Only |  Mixed (Co-Ed) | Young Adults

 Are there Small Groups for students?
High School teens who would like to go deeper or are post-Confirmation can join a “Discipleship Training Group” (DT Groups), led by two adults who have a passion for their ministry. Other Small Group opportunities are available for teens.

Do I need to be a member?
You don't have to be a member at Maternity of Mary or a Catholic to join a Small Group. Everyone is welcome! We encourage all our church members to join a group and invite their friends.

How do I sign up?

Click Here to sign up online  OR  visit the Youth Events Table after Mass or our Parish Office.

More Questions?

For Adult Formation/Small Group Opportunities:  Contact Lucy Wrede  OR 651-489-8825

For Youth Small Group Opportunities:  Contact Austin Busse  OR 651-489-8825