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At all stages of life, we believe life is sacred.

Whether it’s at a child’s conception to a senior on his last breath, life is a blessing that should be preserved as God intended.

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Legislative Writing Campaign - 112 Mailed! 

This past weekend during the Father's Day celebrations, our latest Quarterly Legislative Writing Campaign took effect!  This quarter we focused on thanking Representative Niska for his leadership to protect religious liberty and helping to defeat the extreme abortion amendment to our state's constitution.  Between both parishes, we had 112 letters signed - 111 people in person and another who will mail it on his own!

For anyone who did not get an opportunity to sign it and would like to - or come from a different parish but want to make this petition of thanksgiving - you can do so by downloading the letter here:

*Thank You Letter to Rep Niska*

Thank you to everyone who signed and ensured for another successful letter writing event!


NEW!  Champions for Life Scholarship 2024 (click the image for the full flyer)

Flyers have just been sent out to students and more information will be shared soon. 

Check back here for additional details!

Successful Mother's Day Weekend Event!

Thank you to all who donated to the Mother's Day Flower Sale by purchasing beautiful floral gifts for the mothers in your lives. Thank you also to all who brought gifts to the Mother's Day Baby Shower as a culmination of the Spiritual Adoption program! It was a HUGE success with the total number of donated diapers at 5,695 and the total number of donated wipes at 8,096. Your extreme generosity to mothers in need is very much appreciated and impactful!

Diapers and baby supplies were donated to various pregnancy centers in the area including:

  • Abria
  • Options for Women East
  • Women's LifeCare Center
  • Birthright
  • Philomena House



In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.  - Job 12:10