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Resuming Public Mass

Dear Parishioners,

As you have likely heard this week, limited permissions have been givin to resume public Mass.  See the May 23rd letter from Archbishop Hebda hereI know how anxious many of you are to return, as am I, but we need to approach this re-opening with wisdom and caution.  Archbishop Hebda has issued guidelines for resuming the celebration of public Masses in view of keeping safe those who are most vulnerable.

Here is some information as it relates to joining again together for public Mass at Maternity of Mary, 

We will resume public Mass starting with daily Mass Wednesday, May 27th, with weekend Mass starting May 31st.  

There will continue to be no Saturday evening Mass at Maternity of Mary until the obligation to attend Mass is reinstated. (The obligation to attend Mass continues to be lifted, particularly to protect the most vulnerable.)

Sunday Masses will be offered on a new timing schedule, at the suggestion of the Archdiocese to allow for fewer people at more Masses.  The Sunday Masses will be at 8 am, 9:30 am and 11 am.

Those 65 years of age or older, especially if you have an underlying health condition, are strongly encouraged not to attend for the time being.

The weekday Mass schedule will resume Monday, at 8:00 am Monday through Saturday, but with these provisions: daily Masses will again be in the church in order to allow for appropriate social distancing, so you are asked to enter through doors 2 or 3. Sirba Hall doors will not be open.

Seating in the pews should be limited to groupings of the same family, and three pews between non-related groups. Pews are marked accordingly.

Personal face masks must be worn, you should provide your own if you have them.  There will be disposable masks at doors 2 and 3 if you need them.

Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrances to the church, doors 2 and 3, but you are encouraged to bring your own.

Communion will be distributed to you in your pew in order to avoid any crowding in line.

Once Mass is finished, please do not socialize inside. If you wish to, please do so outside and at an appropriate distance from each other. This will also allow the timely sanitizing of indoor surfaces before the following Mass.

Individual Sacrament of Reconciliation will continue to be available in the open air on Saturday afternoons between 3:00-4:00 pm, at Sirba Hall door 5.

The parish is currently working on a preparedness plan for re-opening the Parish Office, in order to ensure the safety of our parish staff and all visitors.  I will let you know when we plan to re-open to visitors, for now our staff will continue to serve you via phone and email Staff email addresses here.  All other parish activities are still suspended until further notice.

Any Pastoral Emergency calls will be responded to immediately, 651-489-8825.

Thank-you to all of you who have been able to continue your financial support of our Parish, allowing us to continue to pay our bills, staff, and to maintain the buildings.

Please keep each other in prayer, and reach out safely to one another if you know of someone who may have need, or may simply be on their own and suffer from their isolation.

In Christ,
Fr. Cloutier


Live Stream of Mass

We will continue to LiveStream Mass each weekend even when public Masses resume.  We encourage you to continue to join us this way for your health and safety.  The 9:30 am Mass will be LiveStreamed each week.

Join us via this link:

Your donations are needed, support us!

Now more than ever we encourage you sign up for online giving.  Although you will not be here in person for Masses in these next weeks to drop your contribution envelope in the basket, we are relying on your continued generosity.  Set-up or access your Maternity of Mary e-Giving account here. 

You can make a one-time gift, set up recurring Sunday giving and manage other donations and changes using our easy, secure on-line giving program.  

If you prefer to continue using your giving envelopes you can mail them to the parish office.  We rely on your continued gifts and financial support for our parish and ministries.

Parishioner Info

During this time we would really like to keep all of our members up to date with Parish plans going forward. Please fill out the form below even if you believe that we have your information already. We want to make sure everyone receives up to date information during these unprecedented times, therefore we will be sending out updates via email. Thank you!


Mass and Confession Schedule

Sunday Masses will be live streamed at 9 am this Sunday and each week at 9:30 am starting June 1st.

Daily Mass at 8:00 am in Church

Starting May 31st, Sunday Masses at 8 am, 9:30 am and 11 am *No Saturday evening Mass

Confessions will be heard on Saturdays outside of Door 5 from 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm.

Office Hours

Our Parish Office will continue to be closed to visitors while we work on a preparedness plan for safe re-opening.

We are continuing to serve Parishioners by phone and email. [See Staff page for direct email]

All pastoral emergency calls will be responded to immediately.

[email protected]

If you have a Pastoral Emergency:
Call the Parish Office, 651-489-8825 and follow the prompts.

Join Us

We invite you to make Maternity of Mary your home in faith.  Contact us! We look forward to meeting you and walking in faith together.

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