Proclaiming Christ and Making Disciples


Through Sacramental Marriage, a man and a woman enter a covenant of love and mission. This covenant unites a couple in faithful and mutual love, opens their hearts and minds to giving life, is their response to God’s call to holiness, and is a sign of Christ’s love in the world.

If you are engaged and looking for a place for your wedding, Congratulations on your engagement! We rejoice with you on your decision to invite Christ into your marriage.

Engaged couples intending to marry must contact the parish priest at least six months before the marriage is to take place. Joining Maternity of Mary is required.  Marriage preparation includes completion and discussion of the FOCCUS premarital inventory, attending a marriage preparation weekend, meeting with a Deacon Dennis or Fr. Cloutier and preparing the wedding liturgy. 

If you were married outside the Catholic Church, you may seek for your union to be officially recognized by the Church. This is known as convalidation of marriage, and allows you to receive the fullness of Sacraments and Grace.