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Winterblast 2019

What is Winterblast?

Winterblast (December 13-14) is an all-night lock-in with over 1,000 teens from all over the Archdiocese that starts at St. Vincent de Paul in Brooklyn Park for Mass and Adoration. Then we go to the Maple Grove Community Center for ice skating, swimming, 9-square, dodgeball, arcade games, escape rooms, and SO MUCH MORE!

The goal of the lock-in is leading teens closer to Christ! This is done primarily through providing opportunities for our adults and teen leaders to build relationships, which can be called Incarnational Ministry*, with our Junior High teens while having a blast at the Maple Grove Community Center. Secondarily we provide opportunities for Prayer and Worship through the celebration of the Mass, Adoration, Reconciliation, prayer chapels, and praise and worship music. Teen leader training is essential to Winterblast and normally takes place the week before.

Who: Middle School Students 6th-8th grade, High School Leaders, Adult Chaperones. 

History of Winterblast:
Winterblast started in 1998. It has grown from two Churches to well over 30 Churches participating in this event. Its success relies on the collaboration of the Youth Ministers, adult leaders, and teen leaders in the planning, preparation and participation. The teen leader training was added to the event in its second year. Normally one week before the event all Sr. High teen leaders coming to Winterblast meet for an afternoon/evening to be trained with leadership and evangelization skills, build relationships with other teen leaders from around the diocese, and learn the importance of their role at Winterblast. In 2006, due to the number of participating parishes, we moved the Mass to a parish. This has allowed Winterblast to continue to grow. Every year all the youth ministers participating collaborate to make this event more effective in leading teens closer to Christ!
*What is Incarnational Ministry?
“Incarnational Ministry” is modeling the same ministry that Jesus lived. Jesus spent thirty years of his earthly life living and working in the community. Then when his public ministry began, He called the twelve to work with Him closely. The primary tool of the Incarnational model is relational ministry. Ministry with teens provides many great opportunities to build relationships with them. A profound youth ministry axiom is “teens don’t care what you know, until they know that you care.” Winterblast is a great avenue for building those caring, trusting relationships, not just with the Youth Ministers, but also with all the adult chaperones from the parish. 

Jesus not only called the apostles, but also sent them out in His name to participate in His mission. Incarnational ministry is not just about building relationships or experiencing God, but also, about sharing His love with others. Giving teens opportunities to share God’s love through peer ministry is essential to their developing a deeper and stronger faith. The teen leader component of Winterblast strives to accomplish this goal.
Please contact Austin Busse at [email protected] for scholarships if needed, we want every student to go that desires to go!

Winterblast 2019!

Event: Winterblast 2019

Date of Event: Friday/Saturday, December 13-14, 2019

Destination: St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church and Maple Grove Community Center

Individual(s)/Teacher(s) in Charge: Austin Busse/ Background Check Adult Chaperones

Drop off : Maternity of Mary at 7:00pm

Pick Up: Maternity of Mary at 6:00am

Mode of Transportation To Event: School Bus

Cost for event: $40

Chaperone Name and Number

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I, (Parent/Guardian above), grant permission for (Participant Name above) to participate in the above named activity and I warrant that my child is in good health. In consideration of my child’s participation, I agree to indemnify Maternity of Mary Catholic Church, all Churches participating, and the Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis from any claims or law suits brought against Maternity of Mary Catholic Church , all Churches participating, and the Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis by myself, my child or others, that arises out of any behavior by my child at the event/activity described above. I also agree to pay reasonable attorney’s fees or expenses incurred by Maternity of Mary Catholic Church, all Churches participating, and the Archdiocese in defense of such a claim/suit. Should photos or video be taken, I give my permission for the use of my child’s image and /or likeness in any promotional or other marketing activities relating to the youth ministry programs of Maternity of Mary Catholic Church and all Churches participating.

EMERGENCY MEDICAL TREATMENT: In the event of an emergency, I give permission to transport my child to a hospital for medical treatment. I wish to be advised prior to any further treatment by a doctor or hospital. In the event of any emergency, if you are unable to reach me at the above numbers, contact

Optional Medical Information


I hereby warrant that to the best of my knowledge, my child is in good health, and I assume all responsibility for the health of my child. ( Of the following statements pertaining to medical matters, sign only those that are applicable .)
Medical Treatment: In the event it comes to the attention of Maternity of Mary Catholic Church or any of the other Churches participating, its officers, directors and agents, and the Archdiocese of Saint Paul & Minneapolis, chaperons, or representatives associated with the activity that my child becomes ill with symptoms such as headache, vomiting, sore throat, fever, diarrhea, I want to be called collect (with phone charges reversed to myself).

Specific Medical Information: Maternity of Mary Catholic Church and all Churches participating, will take reasonable care to see that the following information will be held in confidence.

Code of Conduct

The following are a few rules that all participants are expected to follow while participating and representing Maternity of Mary Catholic Church and all Churches participating, in this event sponsored by St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, all Churches participating through December 13-14, 2019 Please read and agree.

I, (Participant Name above), WILL:

1. Treat all other persons with respect and not cause any intentional harm (physically, emotionally, or spiritually) to any person in any way.

2. Respect the property of others, including all program facilities and property.

3. Follow all appropriate instructions of all personnel aiding in this event, including, but not limited to, chaperones, support staff, transportation personnel and administration.

4. Be on time for all check-ins and departure time.

5. Not have in my possession any tobacco, alcohol or any controlled illegal substance

I agree that if any of these terms are violated Maternity of Mary Catholic Church can send the participant home at the participant/guardian’s expense.

Cost: $40

Payment Process:

Please make $40 Payment within "Youth Ministry" section with the memo of "Winterblast".


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