Proclaiming Christ and Making Disciples


Be A Disciple

We want to help you grow in discipleship.  Be active. Transform your own faith and share your light with others.  

Discipleship should be a cyclical process—meaning once we are discipled, we are to disciple others, and so on. One of the most important characteristics of being a disciple, is to develop an intimate relationship with God through Christ rather than just learning about Him. Discipleship equips the Christian with God’s Word, prayer, doctrine, worship, encouragement, and service. 

In addition, discipleship training is also about relationship with others. Relationships are developed through devotions, care, and by encouraging each other toward living with Christ-like characteristics in our everyday lives. Very often the best teachers share from experience and testimonies of their own journeys. Telling others what following Christ has done for one personally, can have great impact on those who are yearning for the same kind of transformation in their lives. This is a vital part of discipleship.

Aspects of Discipleship